Are you a female health and wellness professional who wants to grow a profitable and impactful business with clarity and calmness?

Whether you’re setting up your business, established and redesigning your services or looking to grow your income significantly, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Sadly many health and fitness professionals don’t reach their full potential or the number of clients they want and are left really stuck and frustrated, compromising their own health and even relationships .. but not on my watch!

How Healthy is your Wellness Business?

Our Online Business Audit Quiz is designed to show you how healthy your wellness business is for three key areas – Strategy, Mindset and Operations. It scores:

  • The effectiveness of your business plan and clarity of your vision
  • The efficiency of the day to day running your business
  • You and your mindset – how you manage yourself in your business


  • Are you passionate about what you do, but frustrated that you’re not earning a higher income that reflects your expertise, the investment and time you spend in your business?
  • Are you struggling with everything that needs to be done to run a business including financial planning, marketing and technology?
  • Would you like your health and wellness business to grow with ease and not overwhelm with the most efficient systems and processes so you can get on with what you do best – serving clients?
  • Have you tried to implement marketing strategies but failed to get client bookings?
  • And crucially, would you like to run a business that does not sacrifice your own health or sanity?

How I can help your wellness business

What Clients Say

"I have done several coaching programmes before I met Jayne and just loved her direct, no nonsense but compassionate manner.
I am motivated to really shift into another gear both career wise and personally".
Adam Sendler
Sarah Bonney-O'Connell
"Jayne has got some brilliant knowledge.
She seems to know exactly what to ask to get the information that you need to move forward. It meant that could make sure I was planning around what was important to me".
Mila Kunis
Jo May
"Jayne is REAL. She does not work off text-book process. She works with your individual vibe and gives you her all. Hold your nerve as she is disruptive. Her hidden gem is working with me as a woman first and then a woman in business".
Mila Kunis
Maeve Dunne
"Working with Jayne over the last few months has been such a positive experience. She has guided, encouraged, motivated, and pushed me out of my comfort zone to get grow the business I want. Working for yourself can have many challenges, Jayne is there to help with those, offer direction and focus to overcome them and move forward, one step at a time with the big picture in mind at all times".
Adam Sendler
Caroline Kerslake
"Jayne asks brilliant questions which allow me to focus on what I love to offer in my practice as a pelvic floor physiotherapist, helping me to let go of the ‘should do ‘and be clear about the ‘want to do’ list. In addition Jayne has taken the confusion out of brand and social media marketing, making it something I look forward to doing and leaving more time for a life outside of work, supported by a growing income from my practice".
Mila Kunis
Denise Hollway

Are you ready to achieve more clarity in your business?

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